Week Christmas: Silence, Simplicity, Sabbath


“What are you [not] doing for Christmas?” my church bulletin cleverly asked. For me, not silence. Not secrecy or simplicity. And certainly, not sabbath. It’s been about one week and the gas tank in my hybrid car has gone from full to 1/8 full. I’ve been everywhere except alone before the Lord, and He continues to prompt me with how hazardous (and unnecessary) this busy-ness really is. Now that the gifts are wrapped, friends visited, and errands run, I wonder if I’ll ever do Christmas differently. I certainly hope I will.

Whether you find yourself stressed at Christmas dinner, glazing over during “What Child Is This?”, or perhaps happily relaxing with a warm holiday drink, shiny new toys, and satiated family members, enjoy a moment (or better, much more time) in awe of Him. He entered our world to take on our brokenness, so that we would one day take on His perfection. Have a blessed Christmas and New Year!

1. If you did not get to hear N.T. Wright debate Sean Kelly at Harvard’s Veritas Forum, it’s worth the watch!

2. Finding the commercial holiday culture a challenge, to say the least? The little drummer was a poor boy too.

3. A call for peace (among Christians) for Christmas– and every day after.

4. Spoiled children for the holidays? Hope you made your rules to Santa clear.

5. No matter what your specific holiday or end-of-year blues might be, Calvin & Hobbes says it best.


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