On Our Minds: Week 5 (6?)


What week is it–? It’s midterm month, actually. And as for those in the science and math departments, midterm season ends when final exam season begins. (As for me, it’s just read, write, repeat.)

Everyone is hard at work now and it can be a challenge to connect with each other during the week, hit the gym, do laundry, or even stroll through this gorgeous early-autumn warmth. Job recruitment is the talk of the town, as are theses (for seniors at least); freshmen are producing their very first college papers and learning what it means to scribble frantically in blue books; and sophomores and juniors are hopefully doing better than those above and below them.

But this is also the point in the semester when we grow quick to open our mouths in complaint, or wish we hadn’t committed to so much, or forget to put others before ourselves. Working hard and stressing out are no substitute for righteousness, and yet it seems to be the best excuse we can conjure up. I’m challenged to be grateful; and I don’t want to be sitting in front of the turkey, mashed potatoes and apple pie before I remember to say “Thank you God.” (And by the way, Thanksgiving is something in itself to look forward to.)

Here are some links that have made us think, laugh, and maybe even pray; I encourage you to look through some of them– or perhaps just out the window.

1. Excited for fall yet?? These dogs are.

2. Mike Johnston, senator from Colorado, visited a class at the Harvard Ed School today. His speech from 2012 might just inspire you.

3. Speaking of gratitude, let us not forget the persecuted church around the world.

4. The American prison system carries out justice, right? (Wrong.) Here’s just one reason why.

5. Issues in Cambodian governance through the lens of their sugar industry.

6. A solid reminder to fall out of love with weddings, and back in love with the journey ahead.

7. Tough day? (Week? Month? Year?) These 4 phrases might make it more bearable.

8. We often associate flowers with spring. But these work wonderfully for fall. Wish our campus farmer’s market sold them!

9. Never too early to start planning our Thanksgiving feasts. Would you throw in these sweet potato pastries?


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