On Our Minds: Week 3

Temperatures fluctuated like mad this week. We were in the 90s, and then in the 50s. Color has rushed into the trees, only to be met by end-of-summer humidity. My face is sticky and then really dry. This fluctuation doesn’t seem to bode well for the annually anticipated New England autumn, but we have faith. When the Yard turns golden and pea coats and scarves appear, we’ll have all sorts of food and festivities to look forward to.

The agony of course lotteries was upon us briefly before Study Card Day on Tuesday– when we physically handed in our course selections for the semester, complete with faculty signatures required. This is the first step towards routine, and eventually the dust will settle.

But in the meantime, a few things are on our minds:

1. Vogue condones birks??

2. The situation in Syria (and the question of global involvement) continues.

3. The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) trend is rapidly picking up. But are people already cheating?

4. We love songs that capture our moments better than we can, like this one by Tenth Avenue North.

5. Need help getting in the mood for fall? Don’t forget about hot apple cider.

6. Fascinating and frivolous– nothing else could describe New York Fashion Week (other than this New Yorker piece).

fashion week

New York Fashion Week (New Yorker Mag)



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