On Our Minds: Week 2

Pie is on our minds. Not HUDS pie, real, homemade, peach pie.

Shopping week began on Tuesday, September 3rd this year. What is shopping? All the courses that are offered are open to any enrolled student who wants to check them out– doors open and close throughout lectures and seminars, we apply to courses and hope for the best, and we agonize over questions of workload, TFs and classmates. After a week, we decide on our 4 courses (for normal people; 5 for the over-ambitious; 6 for the insane*) after having tested out as many or as few classes as we’d like.

Beyond shopping, this has been a heavy week for extracurriculars. Every organization wants to jump in on the fresh meat on campus, some out of zeal, others out of competition, yet others out of conviction. Activities Fair is an exciting, chaotic, and fabulously frenzied yelling fest where you feel (perhaps for the only time in your life) like a celebrity. Everyone wants to talk to you and get you to come to their party/meeting/orientation. This was my 4th and final Activities Fair, and I might be okay with that!

*No offense to those of you who might be taking 6… I just hope I see you this year.

Anyway, there’s plenty of other things going on this week, and here are a few that have captured our minds:

  1. International relations and the role of the US in Syria
  2. The right to learn to cook in the 1970s?
  3. When we’re trying to reach out to freshmen (or friends at Harvard in general), sometimes this happens.
  4. Moments when we wish we had all the tools and time it took to make summer fruit pie.
  5. When Christ Came to New York?
  6. An HRCF alum working with hearing-impaired youth.
  7. Tonight the IV fellowships are sharing a delicious Korean dinner with freshmen and friends. Can’t wait to try Mako’s galbi!

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